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Choosing the Best Python IDE

In this article I’ll review six Python IDEs. I’m mainly interested in IDEs that are cross-platform and have strong web development support (Django, HTML templates, JavaScript, etc). Because of this, well-regarded IDEs like PyScripter and Python Tools for Visual Studio are out since they are Windows-only. The Python website maintains a full list of Python […]

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Converting MIDI Files to MP3 on the Mac OS

I often need to convert a bunch of MIDI files to MP3 for teaching and lecturing. I used to use the venerable Timidity++ on Linux, but since switching to the Mac I could never quite get it to work. There are a few commercial graphical apps for the Mac and you can even use Garageband, […]

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How Does Pascal’s Triangle Sound?

The idea of transforming a mathematical sequence into sound may sound (no pun intended, but I’ll take it) strange at first, but people have been doing it for ages. In this post we will generate some music randomly to have and idea of how it sounds and then we will see how sequences like Fibonacci […]

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Kala: My Time Tracking App

As I mentioned before, I could not find a time tracking application for the Mac that worked on the menubar and generated the reports I wanted. As any self-respecting hacker, I scratched my itchy and developed my own app, Kala. Kālá is a Sanskrit word for time and a traditional Hindu unit of time consisting of 144 seconds. Also, 144 […]

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