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Kala: My Time Tracking App

As I mentioned before, I could not find a time tracking application for the Mac that worked on the menubar and generated the reports I wanted. As any self-respecting hacker, I scratched my itchy and developed my own app, Kala. Kālá is a Sanskrit word for time and a traditional Hindu unit of time consisting of 144 seconds. Also, 144 […]

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Two New Compositions

I was commissioned to write two new compositions recently; one for four clarinets and the other for soprano and mixed ensemble. In this post I want to share the video of both premieres. The first composition is called “Correnteza” (Portuguese for flow). It uses a folk song with this name and I tried to emulate […]

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Time Tracking for Founders

How many hours have you worked on your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the past month? How many hours have you worked on your lifestyle business this week? How long does it take to write a book? I’m able to give reasonable answers to these questions because I track my time. Hackers turned founders rightfully […]

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Django Documentation in ePub Format

The Django documentation is now available in ePub format, thanks to Read the Docs. Because the Django documentation is written using Sphinx, we can generate HTML, PDF, and ePub out of the box. However, it’s necessary some tweaking to make Sphinx generate a better looking ePub. In this post I’ll share some of the changes […]

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Using Sphinx to Write Technical Books

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I used Sphinx to write my book, Music for Geeks and Nerds. With Sphinx I could generate HTML, Epub, Mobi (for the Kindle), and two PDF versions (black-and-white and color). Sphinx works quite nicely out-of-the-box for documenting computer programs, but I had to bend it a little […]

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Moving Blog from WordPress to Octopress

I decided to move my blog from WordPress to Octopress. I actually like WordPress; it has lots of useful plugins and professional themes. The main reason I decided to move was because my posts have a fair amount of code and images and it’s inconvenient to type and edit them using the WordPress editor. Yes, there are WordPress plugins […]

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