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The Python Quick Reference

I uploaded a new version of my Python Quick Reference. You can access it by clicking on the top menu. The Python cheat sheets I found on the internet were either too long, not too pretty, or didn’t have the source available so I could change it to fit my taste. I designed the Python […]

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Configuring Emacs as a Python IDE

Emacs is a huge beast. It can read email, play tetris, act as a file manager, display google maps, and even edit videos. It has support for many, many programming languages and has many features to programming. Unfortunately, emacs doesn’t have a full programming environment for python out-of-the-box. In this post I’ll show how to […]

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Python Videos

The are quite a bit of nice python videos on the web. In this post I’ll list some of them. PyCon The videos from the 2009 and 2010 python conference are available at blip. I don’t like the browser interface in flash, though, so I prefer to browse the archives. A better alternative is to check the talk list at the […]

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