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Converting MIDI Files to MP3 on the Mac OS

I often need to convert a bunch of MIDI files to MP3 for teaching and lecturing. I used to use the venerable Timidity++ on Linux, but since switching to the Mac I could never quite get it to work. There are a few commercial graphical apps for the Mac and you can even use Garageband, […]

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Two New Compositions

I was commissioned to write two new compositions recently; one for four clarinets and the other for soprano and mixed ensemble. In this post I want to share the video of both premieres. The first composition is called “Correnteza” (Portuguese for flow). It uses a folk song with this name and I tried to emulate […]

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My ebook: Music for Geeks and Nerds

I’m happy to announce that I’m launching my ebook, Music for Geeks and Nerds. It uses programming and mathematics to teach same aspects of music and it answers long-standing questions such as why Eb and D# are different, and which sequence sounds better, Pascal’s triangle or Fibonacci (place your bets). I wrote it because I have friends who are programmers, […]

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Harmonizing Every Scale With Python

I was advising some students the other day about harmonizing non-traditional scales and someone mentioned how it would be useful to have a list of harmonizations for every possible scale. I bragged that I could write a program in half-hour to accomplish it. Of course it took longer than that, but I quickly wrote a […]

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