Moving Blog from WordPress to Octopress

I decided to move my blog from WordPress to Octopress. I actually like WordPress; it has lots of useful plugins and professional themes. The main reason I decided to move was because my posts have a fair amount of code and images and it’s inconvenient to type and edit them using the WordPress editor.

Yes, there are WordPress plugins to highlight code snippets and The WYSIWYG editor is nice, but very often you need to switch to the HTML editor to enter tags such as pre (to type the brush class) and even tt. Also, you don’t have control of how the HTML code looks because the editor keeps reformatting it. The main advantage of using Octopress is that I can use any editor I want. And although there are hacks to use external editors with WordPress and ways to write in Markdown, I never found a workflow that I liked.

In the next images you can see how the same blog post looks on the Wordpress editor and on Emacs:



The syntax highlighting is much better and helpful on Emacs and we don’t need to replace characters by entities in the code block such as <.

So far I’m very happy with the result. I’ve used exitwp to convert my posts from WordPress to Markdown and I imported the comments to Disqus. For some odd reason the comments are not showing in my page, even if I can see them on Disqus’ dashboard. I hope I can fix that in the following days. I apologize in advance for any other breakage.

If you have suggestions, please leave a comment!

EDIT: I’m using WordPress again.