Do you want to be more efficient writing python code?

PyCharm is one of the most popular and featureful IDEs for Python. It has thousands of features that can make you very productive, but it takes time to learn.

You could read PyCharm's massive on-line help and search the Internet to gather the information you need, but I have already done the work for you!

Modern Python Development with PyCharm covers all the relevant things you need without unnecessary meandering.

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Learn how to be productive with PyCharm

Maybe you tried to use PyCharm but couldn't make it stick, couldn't wrap your head around it, or just went back to your favorite editor.

PyCharm is not perfect and may not replace a powerful editor completely. However, it is packed with great features such as unsurpassed code completion and inspection, an advanced debugger, and unified support for web programming, including frameworks such as Django and Flask. PyCharm has many features that will make you more productive.

This book will help you to learn the most important features quickly, without being distracted by every single feature available.

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About the Author

I'm Dr. Pedro Kroger (@pedrokroger), a recovering Emacs user and the author of Music For Geeks and Nerds, a book that teaches music to programmers using Python. I’m a college professor, programmer, bootstrapper, and classical composer who loves teaching, traveling, and tea.

I live near the beach in sunny Salvador (Brazil). I also lived in Austin, San Francisco (USA), Rome (Italy), and London (UK).

Pedro Kroger

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250-page DRM-free eBook (PDF, ePub, Mobi) with a money back guarantee.

Get Started quickly

A short guide to get the most out of PyCharm in the least amount of time.

A visual guide

Almost 500 screenshots and images because showing is better than telling.

Editing & Navigating

Master PyCharm's features for editing, navigating, code completion, macros, and refactoring.

Run, Debug, and Test

Write better code by using PyCharm's integrated debugging and testing features.


Interface with external tools, use version control, and create virtual development environments with Vagrant without leaving PyCharm.

Web Programming

Everything you need: Django, Pyramid, Flask, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, and more!

Questions? Please drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer them.

How about Paper?

Unfortunately, I don't have any plans to sell a paper version at the moment. The book is full of color images that would make a paper version expensive. I hope you understand.

Can I return it?

If you don't like the book, it's no problem. Just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I will issue a full refund. In addition, I'll buy you coffee when we meet :-)

Why don't you cover x?

My goal with this book is to give you the features that will provide the most value in the shortest time (think 20/80). Therefore, it's impossible to cover every feature. If your favorite feature is not included in the book, it may be useful to check the PyCharm documentation.

How about an errata?

Here you go!

What PyCharm Version is Used?

In this book, I'm using PyCharm 4.0.4 Professional Edition.

Will it work with my e-reader?

Because of the layout and images, the recommended format for this book is the PDF version. The ePub and Mobi versions are included for your convenience, but due to the nature of e-readers, I can't guarantee they will work with every e-reader. It should work with most e-readers, though.