PyCon 2012 was incredible

I attended the 2012 PyCon in Santa Clara were I presented the tutorial Making and understanding music with Python and a little bit of Math.

I think the tutorial went well, and I’m in the process of moving the teaching library I used in the tutorial to it’s own github repository (with better code and documentation). My friends who are computer scientists, engineers, and programmers are always asking me to recommend books to learn more about music. The problem I have with most books on music theory is that they present things without much logic and precision. There’s a good portion of music theory that is very logical and can be described mathematically. That was the premise for my PyCon tutorial and the reason I decided to write Music for Geeks and Nerds. I hope I’ll finish it in the next couple months, so if you have suggestions, please email me at

Back to PyCon, I had the best time at the conference. I used to live in the Valley when I was a visiting scholar at Stanford and it was very joyful to visit some friends in the area.

I want to participate more in the Python community, so I helped to TA a tutorial. It was a good experience and I end up making some friends. I wish I had volunteered more, but I refrained from doing it this year because I wanted to focus on my tutorial and I was afraid to overcommit. Next year I’ll volunteer more, I promise 😉

The conference was stellar, lots of good talks and in-the-hallway conversations. The wifi just worked, the AV team is beyond awesome, and everybody is just nice. Thanks to Jesse Noller and all who made PyCon this great conference. Hope to see you all next year.