Python Videos

The are quite a bit of nice python videos on the web. In this post I’ll list some of them.


The videos from the 2009 and 2010 python conference are available at blip. I don’t like the browser interface in flash, though, so I prefer to browse the archives. A better alternative is to check the talk list at the PyCon website since it has the videos and more information such as slides, abstracts, and biographies.

These are a few talks I liked:


Showmedo is a website with community produced screencasts for free and open-source software. It has a good amount of python videos such as a series about python 3, some demonstrations of the super cool ipython shell, and even videos for beginners.

Google’s Python Class

Google has a full series of lectures about python. If you are just starting to learn the language (or even starting to learn how to program), go check these out!

More advanced videos

Finally, these are a few more advanced videos and a must watch for any python programmer:

So, go watch those videos and don’t forget to recommend nice python videos to us.