My background is a little bit unusual and I often don’t know how to answer the simple question “What do you do?”

The long answer is that I studied music composition in Brazil and at the University of Texas at Austin and I was a visiting professor at the Stanford University. Although my doctorate was in composition, my dissertation was on computer music where I developed a language for sound synthesis. I have been programming since the early 90s and I’ve worked with languages such as Pascal, Tcl, Common Lisp, Scheme, and Python.

I love long term travel and lived and visited different places in the USA, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Recently, I became interested in bootstrapping a business so I’m working on some products, like a book to teach music to programmers, a few iOS apps (update: it didn’t work out), and a book about PyCharm.

So when people ask what I do I never know if I should say composer, professor, programmer, traveler, or bootstrapper. 🙂