PyCharm is one of the most popular and featureful IDEs for Python. It has thousands of features that can make you very productive, but it takes time to learn.

You could read PyCharm’s massive on-line help and search the Internet to gather the information you need, but I have already done the work for you!

Modern Python Development with PyCharm covers all the relevant things you need without unnecessary meandering.

Get It For Free!

I used to sell the book, but I’ve decided to make it available for free since it’s not updated to newer PyCharm versions. This book uses PyCharm 4.0.4 Professional Edition. PyCharm has changed over the last years, but the principles are the same, so the book may still be useful to you.

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Learn How To Be Productive With Pycharm

Maybe you tried to use PyCharm but couldn’t make it stick, couldn’t wrap your head around it, or just went back to your favorite editor.

PyCharm is not perfect and may not replace a powerful editor completely. However, it is packed with great features such as unsurpassed code completion and inspection, an advanced debugger, and unified support for web programming, including frameworks such as Django and Flask. PyCharm has many features that will make you more productive.

This book will help you to learn the most important features quickly, without being distracted by every single feature available.

  • GET STARTED QUICKLY A short guide to get the most out of PyCharm in the least amount of time.

  • A VISUAL GUIDE Almost 500 screenshots and images because showing is better than telling.

  • EDITING & NAVIGATING Master PyCharm’s features for editing, navigating, code completion, macros, and refactoring.

  • RUN, DEBUG, AND TEST Write better code by using PyCharm’s integrated debugging and testing features.

  • TOOLS Interface with external tools, use version control, and create virtual development environments with Vagrant without leaving PyCharm.

  • WEB PROGRAMMING Everything you need: Django, Pyramid, Flask, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, and more!

Known Errors

  • p. 28 — The illustration at the top has a duplicated section
  • p. 28 — “starting with if up a line” → “starting with for up a line”</span>


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